1871 – 2021

Celebrating 150 years of God's blessings

As part of our 150th anniversary celebrations, the Sisters are making available these rosaries for sale. Thank you for your support and may Our Lady of the Rosary continue to bless and protect you in these troublous times.

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News and Events

The sight of 53 ladies in 19th century dress, accompanied by 22 nuns and a couple of well-wishers (including a gentleman in a top hat and coat tails) must have been quite something for those at the Riverboat Museum at Taupo Quay on Thursday afternoon, 18th February 2021.

It was unusual enough for the Whanganui Chronicle to run a feature in their paper.*

The Sisters had organised a paddle-steamer trip for the girls’ school to celebrate a special event: the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first Dominican Nuns from Ireland in 1871.

These pioneer missionaries had arrived in Dunedin in the early morning, greeted by a party of Dunedin Catholics, who had come to welcome their newly appointed bishop, the Rev Doctor Patrick Moran, and the 10 Religious ladies whom he had brought with him from the Dominican Convent of Sion Hill, Dublin. Following a brief stopover where the Sisters were given a glass of milk to refresh their travel-worn souls, the group of new arrivals were met the Cathedral by Fr Delphin Moreau, S.M., at that time the pastor of the flock at Dunedin. A Te Deum was sung, and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament given. Thus began the Dominican adventure here in the antipodes.

150 years later, a little contingent of Dominican Sisters are now north of Otago, on the North Island, in the little tiny suburb of Wanganui. The Sisters juggle the monastic and contemplative aspects of Dominican life with the active and apostolic work of preaching and teaching – chanting the full Divine Office in choir while managing a day and boarding school for girls and assisting the parish with various sodalities.

Earlier that morning, after a Mass of thanksgiving was offered in the little parish church of St Anthony’s, a heartfelt Te Deum was sung – may God continue to protect and bless this little portion of His flock!


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