Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

The Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui is under the special protection of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.

Our Order claims for itself, not only the maternal patronage of the Blessed Virgin, but also the privilege of being the child of her prayers. The first manifestations of the specific character of our Order are closely connected with the first tokens of Mary’s motherly protection. It was from the time of St Dominic’s first struggles with the heretics that tradition dates the inspiration of the Rosary,  originally a method of preaching rather than a method of prayer.


“Take hold on her, and she shall exalt thee: thou shalt be glorified by her, when thou shalt embrace her. She shall give to thy head increase of graces, and protect thee with a noble crown.” (Prov. IV, 8-9.)


“Dignare me laudare te, Virgo Sacrata – da mihi virtutum contra hostes tuos!” (Grant that I may praise thee, O most blessed Virgin – give me strength against thy enemies!)

The soul that lives by the Rosary makes her way quickly towards a life of union with Christ. And what are, in fact, the mysteries of the Rosary? They are the very mysteries of Jesus, the mysteries of His life, the mysteries of His grace, the mysteries of His love. The Rosary is the soul truly plunged into Jesus Himself.

The Rosary is Jesus filling our spirit, our intelligence, our memory, our imagination, our vision. At each instant and in all the mysteries it is always His Person that comes to the fore, but the reality is always unique, always the same: it is Jesus.

— Fr Marie–Étienne Vayssière, O.P.

From the very first, the Most Holy Mother of God appears as the upholder of Dominic’s office of Champion of the Faith. All through the ages, the Order has never failed to attribute to her its successes and its happy deliverance from its foes; just as the Church herself always flies tot eh unfailing intercession of Our Lady, confident that she will help in every difficulty and win success for any apostolic enterprise.

Mary is the perfect image of God, the mistress of Wisdom, Sedes Sapientiae. If wisdom is a sweet savour and a joy, sapida sapientia, the Order must depend in a great measure on this heavenly Mistress of Truth for its joyful spirit of sacrifice and its sure instinct for truth. To be wise is a great thing; but to combine the calm spirit of wisdom with a militant and exultant spirit is a marvel of grace which it would be vain to hope to preserve in the Order but for the ever-inspiring protection of Our Lady.