Form 6 Trip to Wellington

On 25 February S.M.Madeleine and Mother Micaela took the Form 6 girls to Wellington for a cultural excursion. In the morning we visited the Alliance Francaise for a French experience, then we went to the beach for lunch which we had purchased at a French Bakery. In the afternoon we visited the birthplace of Katherine Mansfield, a New Zealand writer who revolutionized the short story.

Lunch at the beach

Birthplace of Katherine Mansfield

2 thoughts on “Form 6 Trip to Wellington”

  1. School trips always stay in the memory and sustain us with happy thoughts for years to come. These sixth formers are a delight and a credit to their parents and teachers. A real testimony to the value of traditional convent education. Let us be persistent in our prayers for vocations, so many more children can enjoy the benefits of traditional Catholic schooling from Sisters. Homeschooling is of course excellent but nothing beats the traditional convent school.

  2. Sorry, this is not directly relevant to the article but I did want to leave this comment. At Catholic World News I just read about this: (with a ” homily” led by an Australian modern Dominican sister. And so I wanted to say that when I first read the line in your history… “but had to leave when she found that the Dominicans in Australia/NZ had succumbed to modernism…” I was somewhat scoffing since there was no citation of in what manner. But now I am convinced. From day to day I struggle with how to think of the SSPX but I must say that I think your congregation is probably doing some good. God bless you.

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