Music is an integral part of our lives as nuns – first and foremost because we are brides of Christ and then for some it overflows in a very useful way into our lives as school teachers! Because our first duty is that of praise and honour to Him who is sublime beauty, fittingly the most beautiful way to pray is through the song of the church, the Divine Office and the Liturgy which makes living the sentiments felt in the church; from the plaintive cry of the Lenten sorrow to the glorious jubilations of the Resurrection that strain the earthly fibres of our hearts. Well, that’s on a good day for alas at 5-20 in the morning it is more of a plea for strength to face the onslaught of another day – that’s the weary view of Friday morning: mostly we praise our good King with a happy heart and so the song of a Nun!

Choir Practice
This year has seen the debut of our little polyphonic choir. We sang on the third Sunday of January. At the Offertory we began chorally with the ‘Inviolata’ to our Mother followed by the stronger unison of the ‘O Lumen’ to our Holy Father St Dominic. Then came the finale at Communion -‘Ave Verum’ by Josquin du Pres, a heavenly motet of an angelic soprano melody complimented by the aspiring band of altos who lift our hearts and our thoughts to join with the angels of heaven! We are delighted at the rare talent of our new crew of postulants which the Lord has called to our ensemble, namely Lucia and Cheryl. Deo Gratias!

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  1. I love all the new posts. Great to see how you’re growing as a community. I also loved the video clip on your site; your Reverend Mother sounds like an amazing person.

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