Fostering Vocations

“The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few…” Luke 10:2
In the spirit of the vocations crusade which Father Couture called for in the Asian District (with Rosaries offered up for this intention between the months of May to November) and following the example of our holy founder who dispersed his brethren in the face of general disagreement saying that: “Seed rots when it is hoarded, bears fruit when it is sown.” (Bologna, 26) Mother Micaela and Father Laisney agreed on an invitation from America to send three sisters to the United States to promote religious life in general and in particular to make our congregation known to another English speaking district.

The Sisters were met with great enthusiasm and warmth as they made their way across the states visiting parishes and giving formal presentations and/or meeting informally with young ladies from New York, the Auriesville pilgrimage, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City, St Mary’s and Denver from where they flew to Los Angeles and then back to New Zealand.

The Sisters were impressed with the great number of Catholics who remain faithful to tradition and the generosity of the youth with whom they met. One of our most frequent questions to answer was how we differ from the teaching Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux who have two schools in the States. The answer given is that we belong to the same family but have different roots and therefore a slightly different spirit. Our life reflects the contemplative origins of our Congregation in that we (unlike the Fanjeaux Sisters) are bound to the full Divine Office in choir. The other main difference is that we are an English speaking congregation, with a novitiate in New Zealand whereas the Fanjeaux Sisters receive their formation in French.

“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He send labourers into His harvest”
The Sisters feel fortunate that they had the opportunity to plant some seeds and pray that God will bring their work to fruition, in possible vocations to Religious life. The Sisters wish to thank all of the Priests, Families and Benefactors who opened their hearts, homes and purses for this worthy cause. A Mass will be said for their intentions on July 7.

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  1. Why not the Pacific Northwest!!!!!! We would have loved to have had you here in Spokane/Post Falls! I thank you for going about the States though, regardless! What a wonderful sacrifice for the sake of future and present vocations! I hope the trip wasn't too crazy 🙂

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