Postulant Studies

A moment’s reflection on what we have  studied  during the first semester…

The postulants continue their study of Theology, Philosophy,
Spirituality, Latin, Music, Literature, History and Education to prepare them for
Religious life and the active work of the congregation.

“…that your Sisters are well-versed in the subjects they
expound.  See to it, therefore, that they
are well trained and that their education corresponds in quality and academic
degrees to that demanded by the State. 
Be generous in giving them all they need, especially where books are
concerned, so that they may continue their studies and thus offer young people
a rich and solid field of knowledge. 
This is in keeping with the Catholic idea which gratefully welcomes all
that is naturally good, beautiful and true, because it is an image of Divine
goodness, beauty and truth.”  Pius XII ~To
Teaching Sisters, September 13, 1951.    

May the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ fill your minds and
hearts.  May the Blessed Virgin, Mary and
Mother, be your model, protectress, and advocate.


Ubi amatur, non laboratur; aut si laboratur, labor amatur.
“Where there is love, there is no labour, or if there be labour, it will be a labour of love.”

2 thoughts on “Postulant Studies”

  1. I am happy to read that your postulants are doing well and being educated so properly. May the Lord to continue to bless your religious community, those whom you help and assist.

  2. Congratulations on the trip to the US and I pray too that God will send many generous souls. I am sure God made sure I did not get to know too much more of your convent before I entered into the sacrament of Marriage. I might have "escaped" to New Zealand with my good friend who is now with you. We celebrate 3 years this week. Side Question; Is that the convent feline?

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