Sisterly Happenings at Rosary Convent

“The whole Church enjoys the
help of the Heavenly Doctor, 
but Dominic’s Order shines with special glory” 
(Matins Antiphon, Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas).
On the
7th March we celebrated the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Angelic
Doctor of the Church and famous Dominican. Saint Thomas received the Dominican
Habit while quite young and studied philosophy and theology under Saint Albert
the Great. He is perhaps best known for his writing of the Summa Theologica (or
a summary of the Catholic Doctrine). He never studied without first praying,
and is the patron of all Catholic Schools.


The highlight of the day was the news
that the long awaited permit for the building of our new convent had been
approved! Our novena to St Thomas has been answered!! With this news, the
building of the convent at 1 Tynong Road, on the school grounds, can finally move
forward. Father Fullerton (SSPX District Superior) will be meeting with us this
week, in the hope of signing the contract so the building can begin.
We are now praying a novena to Saint Joseph for funds to
build the remaining portion of the convent. Thanks to the continued support of
our benefactors, we have approximately enough to build one-third of the
Meanwhile, we remain in good spirits
while making do with the cosy living quarters of our temporary chapel and convent
arrangement, filled with our friends, the caterpillars, spiders, and the
kangaroos who knock on our window (well, almost!). We were excited to receive
three new cabins in January, allowing us to receive the young ladies who wish
to try a Dominican vocation. Life in the cabins often demands bravery beyond
the call of duty. One of the Sisters has counted 16 huntsman spiders in and around
the convent in the last two months.     


have also made some improvements to our Chapel. Sister Mary of Compassion, our Sacristan, has been working with benefactors to acquire new vestments,
tabernacle veils and altar covers, beautifying the chapel for the Lenten season.

We’d finally like to thank everyone for their
generosity to us with donations and prayers. We are continuously praying for
our supporters and their intentions. God bless, Our Lady guide, and Saint
Dominic protect!