St Dominic’s Day as seen through the eyes of First Year Novices

  These joyful verses are
taken from the First Vespers of the Feast of our Holy Father St. Dominic. This
was the first time in the history of St. Thomas Aquinas College that the girls
of grades seven to grade twelve were invited to celebrate St. Dominic’s Day
with the Sisters. Students and Sisters were very excited! 

We began the St.
Dominic Day festivities by filling the newly remodelled college chapel with our
joyful singing of First Vespers, followed by praying the rosary – the special
prayer and weapon given to St. Dominic by Our Lady. Now it was on to games,
dancing, and prizes!

After First Vespers, the Sisters and girls wasted no time in heading
to the indoor gym where pizzas and desserts (in the hundredfold) were awaiting.
After this hearty meal, Mother Mary Rose assumed the role of MC and organised
the girls and Sisters into 10 teams. We started with a ‘meet and greet’ barn
dance with Sister Mary Anna providing lovely music with her violin. After
burning some of the calories from dinner, we formed a large circle to play the
‘chocolate game’. In this game, the person who rolls a six on the die, rushes
into the middle of the circle, dresses up in a wig, glasses and a rather odd
nose(!). They then endeavour to cut a piece of chocolate with a knife and fork
(no fingers allowed!) and carefully carry it to their team’s bowl. In the
meantime, the die is being passed around the circle until someone else rolls a
six. Not much chocolate found its way to the bowls but good laughs were enjoyed
by all, especially to see the Sisters wearing the ridiculous glasses and nose!
This game was possibly the highlight of the night, with a balloon game and a
three-legged race following. Father Fortin came to watch the fun and even
joined in the last game of the night: a very intense version of ‘musical
chairs’. The points of each team were totalled and chocolate prizes given, even
to the last runner up! Exhausted but quite satisfied with their first
experience of St Dominic’s Day festivities, the girls posed for a large group
photo before heading home to recuperate for the netball game the next day!

Last year, the first
Sisters vs. students netball game was played at Saint Thomas Aquinas College on
St. Dominic’s Day, in accordance with an ‘old’ Dominican tradition. The result
of this first match was a draw. This year each side was determined to win! Played
in the multi-purpose hall, the game was intense. So was the noise. The whole
Girls’ School came along to cheer on the students while most of the primary
school turned up to cheer on the Sisters. The scores ran fairly even for the
first two quarters and then the Sisters began to pull ahead. I must state here
and now that we had a most fantastic goal shooter! 

The teams were pretty even,
I believe, judging by the way the ball had a tendency to change sides all the
time, meaning you had to do a quick about turn on the slippery court to keep up
– but once we got the ball to the circle, it was an almost certain goal! Sister
Mary of Compassion, unfazed by tall, energetic and experienced GK’s and GD’s,
popped that ball in from anywhere in the circle! She was the player of the day!
The last quarter was very intense, each side being determined to make it count.
The final score was 22-16 to the Sisters! But the girls got the sweets and
chocolates. It was a very good game and was enjoyed by everyone, players and onlookers

And last but not least,
we had the great pleasure of welcoming two new members to our Dominican family.
The small Tertiary ceremony commenced with the singing of II Vespers and the
recitation of the Holy Rosary; whereupon the Postulants carrying lighted
candles proceeded to the Communion rail and humbly asked to be accepted into
the Order. They were then girded with the cord of St. Thomas, received the
scapular of the 3rd order and the blessing of Holy Mother
Church. The new Novices were then bestowed with their new names as children of
St. Dominic and the ceremony fittingly concluded with the singing of the Te

Afterward a small supper and good chat was had by all and thus another St. Dominic’s day has come and gone. May our heavenly Patron and Holy Father St. Dominic grant us all many graces through the coming year.

Te Deum Laudamus, Te
Dominium Confitemur!

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  1. What day is the St Dominic's day?

    I was searching the Roman Martyrology and found it neither on sept 6th, nor any preceding day back to sept 1:st.

    In the Roman, it is august 6th, same as Transfiguration. Celebrated two days earlier.

    But perhaps you have a different date in Dominican martyrology?

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