King St Louis has the distinction of being the only French King to be canonised (he was also a personal friend of St Thomas Aquinas!). His memory will no doubt be more dear to us, however, because that was the day that the new building was approved by the Council for occupancy.

Two days later, the long-awaited “2nd Shipment” arrived, after being held in Wellington for many months while waiting for the completion of the new building.

The “Boss” briefs the brains and brawn of the Novitiate, after arming them with little Swiss army knives to slice cartons open – directions are given as to where to direct the different boxes and assorted bits of furniture and what to tell the men who are arriving with all the stuff.
The familiar sight of the container truck arriving cheers the heart of more than one Sister – that, and the prospect of being reunited at last with the prie-dieus we know are somewhere in there!
The chapel now looks like a chapel!
Beds also came in the 2nd shipment, so here they are being shunted to the right cells.

The moving crew from OSS-Transworld came over two days – on the feasts of St Joseph Calasanctius, and also of our “grandfather” St Augustine, a feast day dear to Dominicans and to all who follow the Rule of St Augustine. (For the un-initiated, St Dominic was a Canon Regular, lived under the Rule of St Augustine, and eventually adopted the Rule for his own Order.)

The second day saw the great 300kg washing machine arrive. Christened St Rose by one of the novices, it took a team of 8 men including Brother (who happened to be a passing Good Samaritan) to move it into the Laundry.

A sort of wheelbarrow is improvised to move the washing machine from the back of the truck into the Laundry.
The door of the Laundry had to come off in order for St Rose to get in.

After the washing machine, everything else was “a piece of cake.”

The Sisters lend a hand to lift the bulky shelf into Nazareth.

Thank you to everyone who have helped us in our building and moving adventure. Special thanks not only to the builders and the muscles, but also to the generous friends who cooked us meals to keep us going over the two days of hustle and bustle. May God reward you!

We give thanks to God in our new chapel, which fits all 23 of us.

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