Signadou Snippets – October 2014

A Warm Welcome to:

Marie-Jeanne and Domitille
Marie-Jeanne and her daughter, Domitille, are originally from Haute-Savoie, France, but have currently been living in New Caledonia. They are spending three weeks with us. Domitille is attending school, and Marie-Jeanne is helping with the French classes and in the boarding house.

Sr. Mary Anna

Sr. M Anna has come from the Rosary Convent in Tynong to do her second practicum at St. Anthony’s Primary school.

The New Addition to the Convent

We are pleased to announce the much needed addition to the convent. On October 14thMother Madeleine and Sister Catherine went to Auckland to pick up the 2006 Ford Transit. This bus will be very useful with our upcoming school camping trip.

Inter-House Netball Competition
October 7th, St. Dominic’s had an inter-house netball competition.
After a shared lunch, the three teams played against each other to gain points
for their house.
scores were:  Bologna vs
Calaroga: 9-4
vs Prouille: 10-5
                  Calaroga vs
Prouille: 8-4

Inter-House Music Competition

On October 17th, St. Dominic’s College had their Inter-House Music Competition. The competition began with all three houses singing Some Folks Do with each giving it their own personal touch. 

Calaroga came in first place; 
Bologna came in second, and Prouille came in third. 

The girls then had the chance to compete in the individual/small group competition. There were four categories: Junior Vocal, Junior Instrumental, Senior Vocal, and Senior Instrumental. 

Many thanks to Sr. M Anna who had the difficult job of being the adjudicator. She ended by giving the girls wonderful advise and encouragement on improving both vocal and instrumental pieces.

Our Lady of Fatima Procession

On October 13th, we had the opportunity of attending a procession to the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. I processed with the Children of Mary behind the Sisters We sang hymns and prayed the rosary during the procession. This is a great way to honour Our Lady on her special feast day.
Our Lady of Fatima,
Pray for us.
~ Student of St. Dominic’s College

History Play
On October 15th, the Form 1 & 2 girls wrote and performed plays explaining two of the mysteries of Faith: The First Battle and The Last Judgment. 

Eucharistic Crusaders’ Ceremony

On October 23rd, the Eucharistic Crusaders partook in a ceremony to receive their badges and their cloaks. In becoming a Crusader and a Handmaid, the girls made promises in regards to fulfilling their Catholic duty such as saying the rosary each day, spiritual reading, and making sacrifices. 

Singing with the Sisters

We always look forward to recreation with the Sisters. We especially love the ‘Musical Recreation.’ The Sisters all have lovely voices. It is very fun to sing with them. Every second we spend with the Sisters  are surely to be enjoyed. It is really great having Sister Anna here as well. She is a great pianist; she also has a really good voice. We sang many songs during recreation such as ‘Drunken Sailor,’ ‘Polly Wolly Doodle,’ and ‘The Gypsy Rover.’ We also played many instruments such as the triangle, a tiny drum, and the maracas. It was like the ‘Sound of Music’, but even better!

~ Signadou Boarder

 On October 19th, the boarders released 
the premiere of:
Boarders: The Movie
A movie explaining how the boarders use to be and how they changed.

A Day at the Zoo
On the 22nd of October, we had the chance to go out of school and go on a school field trip. Yay! It was a reward for having doubled our quota for the Bike-a-thon fundraiser. We decided to go to the Wellington Zoo and see all the animals. Our trip to the zoo took approximately four hours, and during the van ride there, we had lots of fun; we sang, we ate, and we talked. We did not get bored at all because we enjoyed each other’s company. We encountered some car problems, but we made it there anyways. At the zoo, we were able to see many animals. Most of them I have never even seen before such as the giraffes and the kiwi birds. After the zoo, we went to the dairy and bought a lot of food. The trip back was also fun. We ate lots of food. It was a very fun day!
~Signadou Boarder

New Caledonia Day

Marie-Jeanne and Emeline put together ‘New Caledonia Day’ for the boarders on October 27th where they were encouraged to speak French throughout the day. Marie-Jeanne first taught the girls about sand art, and they had a lot of fun using their creativity to create different artworks. The girls then took turns in the kitchen with Emeline learning how to cook a traditional New Caledonian dish – Bougna. The refectory was decorated with New Caledonian décor. The tables were then pushed aside and lunch was serve picnic style. After lunch, Marie-Jeanne and Emeline set up a movie (in French) for the girls in the recreation room. The girls had a lovely day! 

The Feast of Christ the King

On October 26th, the Feast of Christ the King, St. Anthony’s had a beautiful Eucharistic Procession following the Sung High Mass. The boarders processed with the Eucharistic Crusaders and the Children of Mary. The first part of the procession was to a beautiful, hand-made altar where Benediction was given. The procession continued around the block of the Church and then made its way back to the outside of the church to another beautifully made altar where Benediction was given and the faithful were able to adore the Blessed Sacrament. After the procession, the Form 1 & 2 girls and boys gave speeches about Eucharistic Miracles that they have been studying in their Catechism class. All the students did a wonderful job!