Our Apostolate

Our School Apostolate

St Dominic’s College has grown organically in response to the need of children graduating from St Anthony’s Catholic Primary school to be able to continue their Catholic Education in a Traditional Catholic Secondary school which shares the same values. St Dominic’s began in the year 1999 with a small role and a handful of staff and has increasingly grown throughout the year.

Our school is centred on Christ and the family. We work closely with the Society of St Pius X and the Christian families and parents/caregivers of the parish to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students. We require of all families attending the school that they be willing to practise and promote the Catholic faith at home as much we do at school. The unity between home and school practices is part of the holistic approach to Traditional Catholic Education that has produced such great achievers of all ages, and which will continue to do so.

Our Boarding House

2013 took on a new apostolic twist for the Dominican Sister of Wanganui: the beginning of our very own girls’ boarding school. So, what, might you ask, is boarding school like at Signadou? Like the Dominican spirit, it is balanced – contemplation and action – love of God and of neighbour – a balance of prayer, study, domestic activities and play. Our boarders come from all over: Australia, Tahiti, Japan, Philippines and New Zealand.

Our Third Order

Saint Dominic established the Third Order of Penance as

– an association of the faithful living in the world, who

– sharing in the religious and apostolic life of the Order of Friars Preachers

– through the observance of their own Rule approved by the Holy See,

– strive under the direction of the Order

– to attain to Christian perfection.

He designed it for lay people living in the world, who wished to participate in the Dominican Order’s spiritual life and apostolate. At first, for the men, this involved fighting to defend the Church against the Albigensian heretics, but later Tertiaries were more often involved in corporal and spiritual works of mercy, like Blessed Albert of Bergamo (1279) who begged alms from door to door for the sick poor, eventually building a hospice for their care, or Saint Rose of Lima, who cared for them in her backyard clinic as well as praying and doing constant penance for souls.

Contact us if you would like to receive more information on becoming a Third Order Dominican.