Two New Novices Take The Veil

On 6 January 2008 our two Postulants received the veil.

Sister Mary Rosaria and Sister Mary Philomena

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to view a short video by TVNZ of the Novices on their big day.

8 thoughts on “Two New Novices Take The Veil”

  1. Congratulations to the two new Sisters. The video from Wanganui is really beautiful. The people of this parish are an example for us all. May God bless the work of the Priests and Sisters.

  2. One of the most beautiful things about the video from Wanganui, is the sight of all the girls and ladies wearing their church veils. Sadly so many ladies no longer wear a veil in church. I understand that even after Vatican Two, there was never any permission given to dispense with the veil. The church authorities apparently, simply were not strict enough to continue enforcing this rule. We should veil because Saint Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, tells us that it is a disgrace for a woman to not cover her head in worship. She might as well” shave her head”. We should also veil out of a sense of humility, to demonstrate that we are under the authority of our father or our husband and above all, to show respect for the Blessed Sacrament.The veil is a beautiful feminine garment and enhances our prayer life and makes us more Mary-like. So come on all you girls and ladies. Wear your veils again and even in the modern church, we may see this tradition being re established. It takes only one person to do it to allow others to appreciate the beauty of the veil.

  3. Congratulations Sister Mary Rosaria and Sister Mary Philomena. You both look sooooooo happy
    day.I enjoyed the video immensely and it is lovely for you to have this recordof your special day.
    I agree with Bernadette that it was wonderful to see so may ladies and girls wearing their veils in Church. We rarely see that in this part of the world now.
    God bless you all at Wanganui and
    Lucia Rosa.

  4. Congratulations and God Bless.I watched this video today. I’m from Galway in Ireland. Sadly most of the Dominicans here disgarded the veil a long time ago. May your example inspire young women to enter the religious life.
    God Bless and pray pray pray for Ireland.

  5. Dear Jennifer

    Have complete trust in Almighty God to direct you in the path which is best for you. You are in my family’s prayers also. Find some time for silent prayer and for listening to Him. He will give you a sign or an intuition which will be the way for you to follow. An Oblate Sister of the Society said to me some very wise words, some time ago, which I have never forgotten. She said “above all, remember obedience is everything”. We must always remember that it is God’s Will and not our will which we must follow. You also commented on the beauty of the veils in the video from Wanganui and we must also bear in mind that the veil is an outward symbol of our obedience. In this it is very important and let us wear our veils and give good example to others who may follow.

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