The New Year, with all its blessings, has also brought a very pleasant change to the Novitiate. The novices and postulants are now pleased to have their array of classes and lectures being mostly overseen by Mother Micaela, who was able to particularly focus her schedule so as to be able to be in the Novitiate more regularly. The novices, having already filled their souls with the writings of Abbot Marmion, Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, and Dom Chautard, have now proceeded to set sail on and to navigate through the sea that will guide and govern the rest of their lives, leading them to Christ – the Rule and Constitutions. The Rule of St. Augustine and the Constitutions of the congregation are very important for the novices to study and reflect on, as they are the guides by which the religious fulfils her vows and tends more and more to perfection, as she is obliged to once she makes her vows. This fundamental class is accompanied by an also essential study of the Catechism of the Vows. This catechism clearly furnishes the novices with the exact knowledge of the nature and principal obligations of their state. These essential classes are accompanied by a philosophy and apologetics course – taught by Father Francois Laisney, a lecture on spirituality with the noted author Tanquerey, and also a study of Latin. This rich program will soon have additions from the Holy Cross Seminary, with classes beginning in the near future. The Sisters are very much looking forward to commencing the studies of Moral and Ascetical Theology, Liturgy, Acts of the Magisterium, and Scripture. The Sisters feel quite blessed to be able to study these central subjects, so necessary in order to be able to defend the Truth – the cause for which they exist. The Dominicans have an obligation to study Truth all their lives, so as to be able to better pass it on to others. “Contemplari et contemplata tradere.” This study begins at the very outset of the Sisters’ religious life, a study which they will continue joyfully and eagerly for the rest of their days.