The Clothing Ceremony in Photos


At last we have some photos to show our families, friends and benefactors who were unable to attend the Ceremony in January. Please remember to pray for the Novices who received the holy habit and who will withdraw from the turmoil of exterior things this year in order to unite themselves more fully with Christ. This union forms the foundation of their religious lives and it is from this union which they will receive grace by which souls can be won.

“The human mind, like water when enclosed around, is gathered up to higher things, because it seeks that from which it is descended; but when it is left free it perishes because it spreads itself uselessly on lowly things.  It is of the greatest importance…that a man should hide himself in that blessed secrecy where, instructed by heavenly teaching he may form a just estimate and understand the value of human life devoted to the service of God alone; he may abhor the turpitude of sin, he may conceive the holy fear of God; he may see clearly unveiled the vanity of earthly things…”

May they lay good foundations, may their hearts be so enkindled by His love that they will set all aflame when returning to the active apostolate. 

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  1. God bless all of you, especially your novices.

    I am extremely proud of my Singaporean Sister. You may be physically away from us, but you are always in our hearts and in our prayers and always joined to us in Christ.

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