Pilgrimage to the South Island: Day Five: Dunedin

On Friday, the second to last day of our journey, we were able to spend time in Dunedin, the city where the seed was first sown.  We were able to visit the Dominican Cathedral and Chapel, St Dominic’s Priory, the old Novitiate, Aquinas Hall, Bishop Moran’s tomb, the steepest street in the world and Santa Sabina which was a retirement convent for elderly nuns and is now a series of private apartments. The manager of the establishment kindly showed us what she could. It was sad to see the church now being used as an in-house cinema and what used to be the laundry as a gym, sauna and spa area. It was quite an eye opener for all of us and brought tears to our eyes to think of all these beautiful old Dominican buildings just going to ruin or being used for other secular purposes when they could have still been places of much fruit for the Church.
Friday afternoon we bade farewell to the sights of Dunedin
with all its steep hills and by Saturday we were heading back home, counting
the many blessings God had bestowed on us during the trip and we thanked God
for all the benefactors that had made it possible. We learnt a lot from our
pilgrimage down South and hope Mother Mary Gill O.P. and all the Dominican Sisters whose
fruitful work we saw, will continue to look favourably upon our apostolate as we
continue the good work they started. Who knows, maybe in the not too distant future, God-willing,  we may be
reading a continuation of a Star in the South. Salve Regina, mater misericordia!


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