The Sisters with Father Laisney and Father Couture

From 15-22 December the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui are making their retreat. The Retreat-giver is Father Couture, the District Superior. He is preaching about Our Lady with a strong Biblical and Thomistic background. Two priests are also sharing the Retreat.

The Sisters have also been able to move into their new Chapel and Refectory, which is a great relief from the crowded conditions we have lived in for the last year. It is great to have space to do things in the proper Dominican way, and the new rooms have enhanced the recollection of the Retreat. As well we have our own confessional now in the sacristy, and we have been able to have confessions quietly in the house, instead of attracting a crowd to the priest as happens if we go in the Church. It goes to show that all things come to those who wait.

Our new Chapel

We are not able to actually sleep in the newer part of the building yet as the consent process is not finished, nor are we able to use the community room or laundry (basement floor) as they are not finished yet. However, each little bit of progress is an encouragement and we enjoy each little bit of the building to which we get access.

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