Mother’s Regrettable Jokes

Mother Micaela’s public speaking is, alas, dotted with jokes, when she sees the audience’s eyes take on a glassy look, from too much educational talk. Here are a few from her talk to parents:

About Classics/History – One Egyptian to another.
“You know that huge statue in the desert? It’s lost its nose.”
Second Egyptian, “Lost its nose! Then how does is smell?”
First Egyptian, “Smell! It Sphinx.”

About Music: The favourite musical instrument in England before the Norman Conquest was the Anglo-Saxophone.

Q. What would you like to be?
A A School Teacher.
Q. Are you crazy?
A . I wasn’t aware it was a qualification.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Regrettable Jokes”

  1. As a former teacher, crazy is absolutely a qualification! If you were not crazy before, you will be after.

    Thank you, Mother, for your blessed sense of humor.


    (XOXOXO, Lucia …)

    Miss Kauffman

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