The girls have been doing a gardening module instead of P.E this term. It follows on from the gardening done by volunteers last term and our grounds are certainly looking lovely as a result of the girls efforts.

First each girl has seeds to grow. Pottles, seeds and potting mix were supplied by Sister M. Catherine and the girls brook over the window-sills watching their seedlings. One lesson they have learned is that different kinds of seeds take different lengths of time to germinate. Then Sister Catherine got in touch with an organic nursery which gave us fruit trees and instructions on how to grow them organically. It was a hard job to clear spaces on the bank for the trees but the girls did it willingly. Other people have also helped us including Mr Reg Wilton and Mr Francis Foster who put in an irrigation system. Other help has come in the form of plants and bulbs and it all adds to the Sister’s above-ground vege garden supplied by Mrs Ridgway. Unfortunately our soil here is pure sand but Sister Catherine is in touch with a racing stable ….. and kind Mr McAuliffe brings the stuff down.

Sister Rose also has got us in touch with a “trees for paper” scheme. Every time we fill three woolbales with paper rubbish we get a native tree. We expect to be buried in the bush before a few years are out!