The Builderines

We have had a lot to do with builders over the last two and a half years, and it would be fair to say, with certain honourable exceptions, that a certain amount of disillusionment has set in. This has led Sister Mary Rose and Sister Mary Margaret to formulate the idea of another order under our wing, called “The Builderines”. The two Sisters mentioned have proved themselves on flat-pack wardrobes and desks and they recently took on their most ambitious project to date, a flat-pack shed. The shed to be used, when assembled, to store the school mops, buckets, and cleaning materials.

It was wonderful to see the two Sisters reading the instructions, boring holes in the tin with our very own drill and getting the shed upright. They did it all alone except when two builders happened-by just as the Sisters had to go to Vespers and the men put the roof on.

Then the shed had to be moved to its final spot from being built in the middle of our front lawn. Several Sisters got inside and supported the roof with their hands and walked. It was a wonderful sight to see the shed making its own way across the front lawn with one Sister popping out every so often to see what it looked like and to report on their direction. After the shed was in place the floor was put down. But even then the shed was not safe. We had an enormous storm with 120km wind which threatened to blow the shed away. “We’ve got to save the shed” was the cry that echoed through the convent, and the Sisters ran out with a bag of dolomite and 25kgs of sheep pellets from the garden supplies. These just held the shed although it rocked back and forth to an alarming extent.

Now that the shed is finished one of our kindly teachers, Mr Hays, is putting shelves in it. But the whole experience has been a triumph for the Builderines.

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  1. There was a popular song in the 70's called "Sister, doing it for themselves".

    Many religious women became handy with tools once they entered religious life and I'm happy to see the tradiiton continues.

    Good work, sisters!!!

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