Postulants Move In… Sisters Move Out…

In the month of May a new sight was seen on the front lawns of our Dominican Convent and College. One fine afternoon, trucks came rolling in with two little cabins – all set to become something that no one had ever before envisaged: “hermitages” for religious sisters. When in the month of June, two more came rolling up the hill amidst a shower of rain – all knew what this meant – more postulants on the way!

For truly, these little “hermitages” are a sign of joyous growth within our little community. The postulants began arriving during Lent, and by the time we reached Easter, we knew we had a “cell problem.” That is, there were no longer enough cells to house all the sisters and the newly arriving postulants. What to do? We contemplated renting a house close-by, but were finally convinced that it would be wiser to keep all the sisters together. Though the brave, pioneering sisters would be now more subject to the unpredictable changes in nature (from pouring rain to noisy thunderstorms; to howling, almost record-breaking winds; to 5.2 earthquakes) still, they would be only “next-door” to the convent house, the chapel, and the school.

While the cabins do not have any running water for the sisters, they are – thankfully – connected to electricity. The sisters have been adapting well to their new surroundings – and are happy to see the congregation growing. The postulants have been settling in well and surely appreciate the sacrifices which their older sisters in religion are making on their behalf. We all look forward to the day when we shall see either the current convent house extended or a new novitiate house founded – so that all the sisters may once again reside together inside our dormitories. Our Holy Father Saint Dominic, pray for us!

3 thoughts on “Postulants Move In… Sisters Move Out…”

  1. I am a protestant sister who follows your Convent and blog diligently! I love nuns dearly and am so thankful for traditional sisters!
    I am so excited that the convent is growing! This is fantastic! How many postulants do you have now?

    Bless you heaps!


  2. I like the way you have used the cabins….you should try and keep this style for ever..there is no need for costly "Monastic Buildings"…

    All the best from Northern England.

    PS I went to mass a couple of years ago in Lourdes at 5 in the morning with the French Dominican sisters….very beautiful

  3. Congratulations Sisters!

    I heard that you have recently become part of an order established by Bishop Fellay, with the Vaticans approval!

    Can you please tell me if you can recieve absolution from SSPX priests, as I have heard many differing stories about this?

    My wife and I are only able [with our schedule] to go to SSPX priests for absolution, so we would like to have some assurance of this.
    God bless
    my e-mail is

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